Alexandria, Virginia

September 29, 2017

Hilton Alexandria Old Town

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Thank you to our speakers, sponsors, and participants for a successful 2017 Summit!

Looking forward to seeing you next year.

What is the National Capital Leadership Summit?

The 2017 National Capital Leadership Summit is a premier transformative, one-day event for established leaders, emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, and other innovators. This engaging experience brings together 100 individuals at varying stages of their personal and professional growth.

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Photos of 2016’s event courtesy of Alimond Studio

Through inspiring presentations, plus tons of networking, you will learn to open and grow your mind, to be even more audacious and bold than you are now.

Register to learn how to cultivate the skills needed to break through barriers and create lasting, sustainable change in your life.

Why Attend

I created and curated this conference with support from my team at MindSpring Metro DC. Our goal is to provide the most effective and affordable one-day intensive conference of the season featuring a collective of industry leaders in the fields of personal / professional growth, leadership development, and teamwork and performance.
By combining equal parts instruction and inspiration, the National Capital Leadership Summit will provide attendees with one of the most innovative, dynamic, and accessible leadership and development seminars in the DMV region.


Statement of Purpose

It’s often said that the days go slow, but the years fly by quickly. It’s a true statement that underscores the importance of maximizing every moment and every opportunity to create the life and career you deserve. Commit to improving your skills, learning from the people who have achieved the type of success you wish for yourself, and most importantly, do all of this with an emphasis on collaboration, teamwork, and group performance. The true value that comes from sustained dedication to improving your own professional leadership and performance training will only be discovered when it’s combined with that of your colleagues, staff, and peers who are core team members at the company, organization, agency, department or start-up where your lead and work.

That is a tremendously important message because it’s one of just a few proven factors that have the potential to permanently improve individual professional performance in the pursuit of collective goals.

It’s also the message that will be reinforced throughout the 2017 National Capital Leadership Summit on September 29 at the Hilton in Old Town Alexandria.

I created and curated this conference with support from my team at MindSpring Metro DC. Our goal is to provide the most effective and affordable one-day intensive conference of the season featuring a collective of industry leaders in the fields of personal / professional growth, leadership development, and teamwork and performance.

By combining equal parts instruction and inspiration, the National Capital Leadership Summit will provide attendees with one of the most innovative, dynamic, and accessible leadership and development seminars in the DMV region.

As the Summit approaches, I will share (and my team will amplify) regular updates on the Summit website and the 3 social media outlets where we'll post live, real time coverage throughout the events on September 29.

Here are the 4 links to bookmark and check every few days to stay up-to-date on everything about the National Capital Leadership Summit, including several ways you can participate.

Our attendees are not registering simply to satisfy the rigors of continuing education requirement. Rather, National Capital Leadership Summit attendees are those proactive professionals with a persistent thirst for tips and tools that they can apply immediately to improve performance.

We’ve also created ways to make certain that even those people who aren’t in a leadership position in their current professional endeavor, will have access to the insights and expertise shared at the Summit through an exciting, unprecedented opportunity.

While the vast majority of attendees will be the owners and operators of small to medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, and manager, directors, or staff leads in government departments, corporations and nonprofit / charitable organizations - there are also a limited number of slots available to professionals who are currently in search of a job, or making a career transition. We’ve even carved out a bit of space for undergraduate or post-graduate students who are preparing to enter the job market.

They will register like any other attendee, and as such, will get to rub elbows with a room full of business, government and entrepreneurial leaders, while listening to a series of keynote presentations from some of the most dynamic authors, trainers, and thought leaders in the increasingly competitive field of the leadership development and training.

However, in addition to experiencing the conference as any other attendee, those in career transitions and the students will spend part of September 29 either shadowing our communications staff behind-the-scenes, or volunteering to work with my team on an aspect of event production. They can even propose the completion of a small project during the event that showcases their unique skills. We’ll consider any idea if it helps us gather information from attendees, amplify our message using online communication and media tools, or optimize visibility and value for our sponsors and promotional partners.

As you can see, I’m thrilled to share each and every element of the National Capital Leadership Summit with you. Continue to check the website and social media outlets on an ongoing basis! Thank you for your participation!

Denise Minor
MindSpring Metro DC


This year’s lineup features a unique blend of vision, inspiration and practical skills you can immediately apply. You will walk away with a newfound energy to transform yourself and your community.

Denise Minor

Denise Minor

President, MindSpring Metro DC

Denise Minor

Denise Minor is the President of MindSpring Metro DC, a Washington, DC-based leadership training and development consulting firm, that has worked with federal government agencies, corporations, college and university departments, and charitable organizations, as well as small business owners and entrepreneurs.

When clients ask about the experience and outcomes they might expect if they are engaged and committed to improved outcomes in their life, both professionally and personally, Denise explains that she is the Catalyst for their Growth and Change.

Growth and Change only occur when embraced and “owned” by the person or organization seeking results. In her previous career, Denise was a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for over 28 years.

She adapts much of the FBI’s leadership training to deepen and enhance her model of client engagement. Recognized for her practical approach, excellent interpersonal skills and deep understanding of people; Denise has a passion for developing her clients and uses her communication abilities to interact with them on a deep level.

Denise has a Juris Doctor degree (JD), is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), and a Certified NeuroTransformational Coach (CNTC).

Learn more about MindSpring Metro DC at

Dan Millman

Dan Millman

Founder at Peaceful Warrior Seminars
Bio Book Signing

Dan Millman

Dan Millman — a former world champion athlete, Stanford University coach, martial arts instructor and Oberlin College professor — has authored 16 books published in 29 languages, including his classic, Way of the Peaceful Warrior (released as a film with Nick Nolte by Universal in 2007). A popular international speaker, Dan has influenced people from all walks of life.

Learn more about his books, speaking events, and online courses, audio programs and life-purpose guidance at

Books by Dan Millman

Dan has written 16 books that have inspired and changed people’s lives.

Bring any of his books that you own to the National Capital Leadership Summit, and he will sign them. Five of his books will be available for purchase at the summit, which he will also sign.

Released June 2017

John Doe

Ann Betz

Co-founder of BEabove Leadership
BioBook Signing

Ann Betz

Ann Betz, CPCC, PCC, CNTC, is the co-founder of BEabove Leadership and an international speaker and trainer on the intersection of neuroscience, coaching and human transformation. Ann served as the neuroscience consultant to The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and provides neuroscience, leadership, and coaching consulting to many other corporations and non-profits, including the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Ann is the lead author of Integration, The Power of Being Co-Active in Work and Life, an exploration of consciousness and the future (John Hunt Publishing, 2015), as well as a groundbreaking white paper on the neuroscience of the ICF competencies.

She is also an international speaker on neuroscience, leadership, and coaching, and she excels at making the complexities of the brain come to life with depth, humor, and simplicity.

Learn more about BEabove Leadership at

Book by Ann Betz

Ann co-authored, The Power of Being Co-Active in Work and Life, that shows how integration of what we do and who we are allows us to reach our full potential. She will sign a copy that you already own or a copy that you purchase at the National Capital Leadership Summit.

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This year’s all-new program provides you with more tactical learning than ever before.

Denise’s keynote examines the Seven Levels of Effectiveness, which is a road map of human effectiveness that shows who we are and where we want to go to find that new level of thinking that will help us become our best self. Current research in neuroscience and psychology supports this roadmap that provides an easy to understand comprehensive model for sustainable growth and change. Attendees will learn how to use this roadmap in their daily lives. Each attendee will receive a copy of the roadmap.

Dan's Keynote: In the film "Peaceful Warrior" a young college athlete named Dan Millman met a mysterious old service station attendant he named Socrates. After journeys around the world and study with other mentors, Dan developed a new approach to living. Dan’s presentation highlights key facets of a practical, refreshing approach to living — with a peaceful heart and a warrior spirit. Elements include • the secret of self-discipline — how to turn what you know into what you do • how to overcome fear and self-doubt • what mindfulness means • how to live in the present for a simpler, more peaceful life • accessing a warrior's spirit — with your head in the clouds and feet on the ground.

Ann’s keynote reminds us that neuroscience is more than the buzz word of the new millennium. It’s an amazing window into the complex workings of human beings, with implications for effectiveness, health, stress relief, growth, and of course, coaching and leadership. Ann discusses neuroscience in a way that helps us see humans as a complex system that includes the brain and the overall science of effectiveness. Ann will show us the neuroscience of sustainable change and lasting effectiveness, and with this knowledge, you can create and sustain change in your life using the tools and techniques she will provide.


8:00 AM Registration

Sign in, receive badge, enjoy morning beverages

8:30 AM – 9:15 AM Denise Minor Keynote

The 7 Levels of Becoming your Best Professional and Personal Self

9:15 AM – 9:45 AM Morning Break service

9:45 AM – 11:15 AM Dan Millman Keynote

Peaceful Heart, Warrior Spirit - A Reality-Based Approach to Living

11:15 AM – 12:00 PM Book Signing

Dan Millman will be meeting attendees and signing his books


12:00 PM – 1:30 PM

Lunch (on your own) There are many dining options in the area

1:30 PM – 3:00 PM Ann Betz Keynote

The Neuroscience of Sustainable Change and Lasting Effectiveness

3:00 PM – 3:30 PM Book Signing & Afternoon Break Service

Ann Betz will be meeting attendees and signing her book / Afternoon Break Service

3:30 PM – 5:00 PM Moderated Panel Discussion & Closing

Real Stories – Critical Factors for Sustainable Change, Audience Q&A, Bringing it all Together, and Wrap-up

5:00 PM – 5:30 PM Networking Opportunity (Optional)

Denise Minor

I am excited to be speaking with Ann and Dan at the National Capital Leadership Summit. Expect an exciting day of powerful insight and understanding and learn the science behind how to create sustainable change in your life. One day well-lived can change your life for the better, forever.

Denise Minor President, MindSpring Metro DC
Dan Millman

My only reality is this present moment - fingers touching keyboard - writing this note, savoring a moment of delightful anticipation when, in another moment that we call 'the future,' I'll present at MindSpring D.C.s premier event, a gathering of shining souls. Expect insight, illumination, and laughter.

Dan Millman Founder at Peaceful Warrior Seminars
Ann Betz

I am thrilled to be speaking at the National Capital Leadership Summit as we examine not just the day to day strategies of leadership, but dig more deeply into the powerful human aspects that create innovative and transformational change. Science meets heart in this amazing day that will change your life.

Ann Betz Co-founder of BEabove Leadership


The National Capital Leadership Summit will be held at the Hilton Alexandria Old Town. Located in the historic, vibrant King Street neighborhood, the hotel is one of the most convenient hotels in Alexandria, VA for business and leisure travelers visiting the Washington, DC area. The hotel is located near the Old Town King Street Metro on the Yellow Line.

Questions? Contact the hotel at 703-837-0454.

Hilton Website

Hilton Alexandria Old Town

The speaking events will be held in Salon BC. Registration will be held in the Grand Ballroom Foyer.


1767 King St, Alexandria, VA 22314


(703) 837-0440


Hilton Website